What is Go Editorial?

Go Editorial is a content marketing agency that specialises in producing work for mobile game, mobile advertising and gaming companies. The company was founded in January 2017 by George Osborn, following a rebrand of George’s previous content business Mobile Mavericks, with the aim of bringing brilliant editorial to more companies across the world.

What does Go Editorial stand for?

Go Editorial’s values are simple: we do good work, at a fair price and we do it with minimum fuss. By following those values, and making sure they guide every part of working with other businesses, we make it easy for you to decide whether we are (or aren’t) the right partner for your business.

Who is the company founder?

George Osborn is an experienced writer who has worked across the games industry. He started life in a mobile advertising start up as a content writer in 2012, but has since worked as a journalist, event organiser, host, author, researcher and copywriter for a number of businesses.

He has been published in The Guardian, Eurogamer, Games Industry Biz, Pocket Gamer, Pocket Gamer Biz, Alphr.com, PCGamesN and more, and has assisted the likes of Adjust, Newzoo, Pocket Gamer, the Mobile Games Forum, AppLift, Chartboost and Plarium through his previous business work.

If the company is founded by one person, how can he cover our business needs if he is busy?

Go Editorial calls upon freelancers in the games industry and beyond to help meet your business needs. In the company’s previous guise as Mobile Mavericks, we worked with the likes of Harry Slater, Chris Kerr and Lindsey Pickles to deliver work for our clients.¬†Go Editorial will continue this approach, ensuring your business gets its written work done by only the best in the games business.

How can I work with Go Editorial?

If you need the support of Go Editorial, email george@go-editorial.com for more information.