Long form editorial



Sometimes, businesses will have something big to say. Your company might have discovered something fascinating in its internal first party data or research that it has to share; you may have unearthed a huge problem that the industry needs to know about in detail; or you may have so much advice to hand that you need one big document to capture it all. But with deadlines tight and staff pre-occupied, it can be hard to find the time to bring a meaty document like that together.

That’s why Go Editorial offers a long form writing service. We can sit down with your marketing team to identify potential subjects for long form reports or eBooks, spec them out, write them and advise on how to successfully distribute them to your market.

We’ve done this dozens of times before for the likes of Gamesforum, Adjust, GrowMobile and GameSparks. So if you’d like our help writing an eBook, white paper or report, then contact george@go-editorial.com for more information on how we can help.