The Go Editorial Roundtable – Meet The Experts

As promised many moons ago, Go Editorial has set up a roundtable of experts to give advice to writers in need of a support. Tackling a monthly question posed by our followers, our roundtables will hopefully give you plenty of food for thought to help you tackle tricky problems.

But who will be taking time out of their calendars each month to answer your questions? Here are the talented so and sos willing to share their advice with the world.


Helen Gould

Helen Gould, Copywriting Manager

I currently manage a small copywriting team in an international education business, overseeing the copy for a dozen brands. I originally trained as a journalist, but most of my professional experience has been in writing for marketing and business. In my spare time, I have written two horror scenarios for tabletop roleplaying games and a set of character skins for popular indie game Monsterhearts. I am also working on a novella.



Will Blackstock, Freelance Writer and Editor

I’ve been freelancing for nearly eight years, mostly dealing with corporate comms for banks and proposals for The Big Four accountancy firms. In 2015, I spent six months full-time at a start-up, handling all their comms.

I love editing. It’s a chance to dig deep into a document and find the juiciest, most interesting parts and bring them out. And it’s a chance to make life easier for the reader. It’s not glamorous, but if my editing saves someone a phone call, it’s useful and I’m happy with what I’ve done.



Ric Cowley, News Editor at PG Biz 

I’m a relatively fresh-faced mobile games business journalist who writes almost every news article found on, as well as a few reviews here and there for Pocket Gamer. I’ve also dabbled as a developer, speaker, musician, blogger, and zinester. I’ve had no formal training in any of these fields.



Adam Davies, Editorial Manager at Publicis Media

I’m the Editorial Manager at Publicis Media in London, working with a small team of copywriters to produce tailored content for a wide range of brands. Before joining the agency, I wrote content for a number of digital sport and tech publisher.



George Osborn, Founder of Go Editorial

I’m the founder of Go Editorial, a content marketing company devoted to helping games and mobile games focused outfits to produce top quality words. I’m also published journalist who has received bylines in The Guardian, Games Industry Biz, Eurogamer and football quarterly The Blizzard. I also co-host The Deep Lying Podcast and co-founded Gamerbake.


So there are the experts who will be answering your questions. If you want to submit a poser for the roundtable, simply tweet us @Go_Editorial or email with your request and we’ll see what we can do.

Or, if you think you could help us out as an expert, we’re still taking submissions. Email with details about yourself, what you do for a living and why you think you could contribute to the roundtable. We’ll then get back in touch with you soon to let you know if you’re in the mix.

Our first roundtable is taking place right now; we look forward to sharing the results with you soon.