I’ve been made a Special Effect Ambassador

I’m really proud to announce that I’ve been made an ambassador for gaming charity Special Effect.

In case you’ve not come across the charity before, they adapt technology to help disabled children and adults play video games. By using specially designed controllers and inputs, Special Effect allows people who might have been excluded from gaming because of their physical condition to enjoy the likes of Rocket League, Unravel and Dirt Rally.

This doesn’t just help them because it allows them to have fun messing around in The Greatest Game In History (hint: it involves flying cars). It brings families and friends together by helping individuals affected by disability with their rehabilitation or therapy – ensuring that they feel more included and confident in the world around them.

Even if they hadn’t just made me an ambassador, I’d still say that you really should find time to support the Special Effect team. The work they do is extraordinary and the thought that every penny and pound raised goes to help their amazing efforts should be enough to get you donating.

But now that they have made me an official ambassador, it means I really can bug you until you donate to this marvellous charity.

You can continue to support Special Effect through me by attending Gamerbake, the event series I started with the excellent Chris Kerr, or by sponsoring me to run stupidly long distances without stopping. Or you can cut the middle man out directly and go to the Special Effect website here.

Whichever route you take, I implore that you do help raise money or support Special Effect. It’s a wonderful organisation, staffed by incredible people and it is a privilege to be able to represent them in the wider world.