Meet Go Editorial In April

Wondered what Go Editorial has been up since we’ve launched, but haven’t had a chance to say hello? Then here’s some good news; we’re going to be out and about at plenty of events in the coming month to help you do just that.

George Osborn, our founder, will be available for meetings at a number of different events in the coming weeks. But where will he be and when can you meet him? Check out this quick rundown of his calendar to find out.

EGX Rezzed, 30th-31st March – George will be at Rezzed from Thursday morning through to 3pm on Friday afternoon. He’s joining the Ukie career fair for a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon, but has meeting slots early on Thursday and late on Friday to fill.

Space Ape Showcase and MGF Roundtable, evening 31st March – Once he’s finished at Rezzed, George will then be heading over to Space Ape’s offices in Soho to check out their showcase and host a roundtable on behalf of the Mobile Games Forum. This event is invite only, but you can email George to see if he can sneak you in.

Ukie Student Conference South, 5th April – George will be giving a talk at 11am at the Ukie Student Conference South in London to provide advice on getting into the games media (and other writing jobs). He’ll also be around for conversations at lunch, which will be a better time to catch up with him in the short term.

The Betbright FM 17 Cup, 6th April – George will be at The BetBright FM17 Cup covering the tournament for freelance purposes and for The Deep Lying Podcast. He’ll be working, but will be up for a conversation all the same.

George is also looking at attending a number of other events. He has plans to attend The Mixed Reality Summit on the 4th April and Quo Vadis in Berlin 24th-26th April. But these plans haven’t been confirmed yet, so the events listed above are the best places to meet him.

If you want to meet George, there are two easy things you can do. Either tweet him @GeorgeOsborn and ask for a DM or email directly to He’ll then try to find time for a good old fashioned talk face to face.