The Go Editorial Roundtable – Writers invited to join our monthly advice panel

So, I was thinking about running a monthly advice column to help people out with their writing queries. While this sounded like an excellent idea – particularly because I love advice columns – I also realised that it’d be a little bit dull and rather presumptuous to assume that my opinion would be the only thing people wanted to hear.

To counter those problems, I’ve decided to create a monthly roundtable for all sorts of writers to chip in with advice instead. Every four weeks, I’ll be asking all sorts of wordsmiths to contribute their answer to a question about writing posed to me by people on social media, on the street or by my brain.

It could be a poser about how to research for a piece effectively, providing tips on transcription or simply a chance to tackle a hot topic in the world of writing on any particular day.

And once the question has been asked, our experts will be given a week to think up an answer, fire back a paragraph or two about it and have it uploaded onto the internet. The piece will then be available as a free educational resource for anyone to dip into.

Which is (I hope anyway) great. But as fabulous as that idea is, I will need people who do ‘the writing’ for a living to sign on the dotted line to get this started – which is why I’m opening up submissions to join in the fun.

Now, I’ve already got a shortlist of people that I will be contacting about this. But in the interests of fairness, and to give us a better chance of representing as many people as possible, we’re giving you the opportunity to join in.

So if you are happy to:

• Prove that you write for a living (as a journalist, marketer, games writer or anything else).

• Be added to a Slack group or email chain, where you’ll be invited to write a couple of paragraphs every month in response to our poser.

• Have your name and mugshot featured on Go Editorial when I post the blog up with your advice in it.

Then you’re in the group. And to say thanks for contributing your time, I’ll link back to your personal pages/company pages on every post, give you as much of a boost on the ol’ social media as I can and invite you to an end of year roundtable drinks to say ta for your contribution.

If you want to join the fun, email me at before February 10th expressing your interest and I’ll then take things on from there. I’ll then also begin taking submissions for questions so we have lots of interesting topics to dig into.