A Guide on How LED Screen Walls are changing the Norms in Marketing

Advertising and branding are crucial aspects of running a business successfully. From time immemorial the most tried and tested methods of advertising are the billboard and poster methods. The results billboards and posters have given to many businesses so far are immense. 

Along with these methods, domestic traders have always relied on flyer distribution using local manpower. All these techniques are applicable for traditional businesses where the target audience is limited to certain demography. 

With time, the advertising and branding sector evolved into what we see today. The traditional billboards have started to get replaced with digital signboards which are much more durable and have many features embedded in them, which a normal billboard can never guarantee. 

The posters have taken their place in the digital marketing realm, where online posters are dynamically designed and pushed to consumers’ mobile phones. Also, the shop owners have shifted their focus to LED walls and screens. 

Some of the LED walls available in the market today like the Nummax LED screen wall are giving the business owners all the attention and branding they have longed for. An interactive kiosk is another breakthrough in the advertising field. 

The consumers now get a chance to communicate their requirements directly with the brands through these kiosks. Some Food and Beverages brands have already started to use these interactive kiosks as a method to take orders directly from customers.

The main advantage of digital signboards is their longevity and efficiency. The digital signboards are easy to handle and repair. The clarity and versatility it delivers are unmatched. 

  • The digital signboards are very easy to install. 
  • The contents can be changed remotely using inbuilt software. 
  • The attention a digital signboard gathers is always a level higher than a traditional billboard or poster.

In the case of LED walls, irrespective of the size of the wall to be converted, one can put up an LED video wall to entertain the customers and increase retention of the client base. 

As compared to a boring LCD TV, the video walls can be more dynamically oriented and also the picture quality is top-notch. LED video walls are a perfect fit for those businesses which do not have a floating customer base. For example the recreational spaces and lifestyle hubs like pubs, bars, and coffee shops. Here the customers sit over for some time. So the best way to grab their eternal loyalty is by flaunting a state-of-the-art LED wall. This way your business will have a new age touch and an enhanced customer retention rate.

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