Anti-aging Foods That You Should Add to Your Diet!

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Our food intake has a strong influence on our aging abilities and appearance. You can reap the benefits of radiant skin and strong immunity by consuming a healthy diet infused with anti-aging items. Visit Clinique Anti Aging to get more information about the physiological signs of aging and their prevention. 

Here are some of the food items which are rich in anti-aging qualities

  • Cabbage

Garbage is a cruciferous vegetable. It contains indole-3-carbinol, which facilitates the correction of estrogen dominance. It is widely used for its anti-aging qualities. It is rich in vitamins A and D, which help prevent skin damage. It also prevents harm from the sun’s rays. 

  • Carrots

They are one of the best food items that help convert the after-effects of aging. They help in the reduction of cholesterol and improvement of immunity. Consumption of carrots also helps in lowering the risk of cancers. They contain beta-carotene, which is utilized by the body after conversion into vitamin A. 

  • Grapes

Grapes constitute a strong antioxidant that helps in reversing radically damaged cells of the body. Resveratrol in the grape skin helps cure included skin and combats damage from the Sun. 

  • Onions

Onions lead to thinning of blood and increasing good cholesterol. They also contain quercetin which is utilized for treating inflammation. They are widely used for their anti-aging properties. 

  • Tomato

It is the best food item for lycopene consumption. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain the conditions of the brain. Tomatoes help combat cancer as well as the after-effects of aging. 

  • Spinach

Spinaches are rich in lutein which is beneficial for dealing with aging as well as eye issues. They contain Folic acid, which facilitates the repairing and DNA and ultimately lowers the speed of the aging procedure. 

  • Nuts

They are useful for lowering cholesterol levels and treating inflammation. Consuming 2 ounces of nuts daily provides the body with essential nutrients like protein, fibers, and other micronutrients. 

  • Sesame seeds

They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and fiber. They help preserve the bone structure of your face and protect your facial features from deteriorating with age. 

  • Pineapples

They contain minerals like manganese which helps in the activation of Prolidase enzymes. This enzyme leads to the release of amino acids, which facilitates collagen production. Collagen is essential for keeping your skin strong and elastic. 

  • Dark chocolate

The dark variety of this delicacy contains flavanols which increase blood flow through your skin and improve your look. They also protect the skin from sun damage by absorbing the UV rays. 

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