Top 6 Destinations in Medan For Your Travel Dream List


North Sumatra is one of the major provinces in Indonesia that offers an abundance of choices for travel destinations. For natural sights, the region is famous for its crater lake, Lake Toba, and the island in the middle of it, Samosir island. For historical sights, it’s city, Medan, has many notable places, from Maimun Palace to Annai Velankanni. In this article, we curate 6 best destinations in Medan, North Sumatra, to go for your travel dream list when you can finally visit Indonesia.

1.  Maimun Palace

The Maimoon Palace is among the last remnants of a glorious dynasty of rulers. The Deli Sultanate ruled Sumatra for what was known as its golden period. This palace is among the last vestiges of the ruler, and it houses the Sultan of Deli, with the throne space now accessible to the public. Every Saturday and Sunday, musicians play with traditional music in the afternoons, and tourists may also dress in traditional Malayan  costumes.

2.  Lake Toba

Lake Toba, situated in Northern Sumatra, is the biggest crater lake created from a major volcanic eruption around seventy thousands years ago. Deemed to be one of the greatest natural wonders of the Earth, the vast size of the lake exceeds the size of Singapore. Its depths of 450 meters additionally makes Lake Toba among the deepest lakes across the planet. The lake’s exotic greenery and pristine blue waters make a mesmerizing picture that attracts tens of thousands of tourists.

Visitors can sail to Samosir Island in the middle of the lake. This is an island inside the island! Lake Toba is an ideal place to escape from the hectic city life since the cool mountain air offers instant relief from the heat, dust and humidity of the metropolitan city. The spectacular view of the hills can be relaxing, while interacting with the native Batak people can help you know more about the exceptional culture and lifestyle residing there.

3.  Tjong A Fie Mansion

Tjong A Fie is a panoramic mansion that is among the best vestiges of history Medan has to offer. Tjong A Fie was a Chinese businessman who built the mansion for his wife and lived until he died in 1921. Called “a historical jewel of Medan”, the Tjong A Fie Mansion is an enrolled historical landmark as well as a cultural heritage building and museum. The structure was built celebrating feng-shui principles. This remains, to the day, one of the best places for photography and tourists.

4.  Sri Mariamman Temple

Situated in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Medan’s Little India, this temple is a treat to behold. The Mariamman Temple is among the more esoteric temples, as it is dedicated to the Tamil goddess Mariamman and is a beautiful old architecture site. The temple was constructed in 1884. Tourists visiting the temple can also find various Indian restaurants surrounding the temple.

5.  Annai Velankanni

Seen from afar, the Annai Velankanni church looks like a typical church. However, the church’s architecture is heavy with the mix of Indian, Mughal, Tibetan, and Chinese influences. The pagoda-like structure elicits feelings of appearing in a Buddhist temple also is among the finest examples of religious fusion and illustrates Medan’s religious harmony.

Annai Velankanni is a Christian temple (Our Lady of Great Health Church) that is nestled within a delightful designed Indo-Tamil exterior. This temple, built in 2005, has served as the very best testament to the religious diversity within Medan. It’s a must-visit for tourists interested in architecture.

6.  Masjid Raya

Built in 1906, the Masjid Raya is arguably among the best examples of architecture in Medan and one of the city’s most imposing and familiar sights. The materials used to create the mosque were imported from around the world. The mosque’s international architectural style is evident for everyone to see. The mosque used to be part of the sultanate’s palace.

As one of the largest mosques in the city, the Masjid Raya is a mesmerizing mix of Middle-Eastern, Moroccan, Indian, and Spanish design. The mosque is created with beautifully designed marble, stained glass windows, and octagonal design. This can be the best example for a philosophical insight into Medan’s history and architecture.

Wherever you wish to go, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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