Top Benefits of Using a Rosin Press

Rosin is an extraction process which requires the perfect combination of heat and pressure. This will be able to squeeze the resinous sap from the material with which you had started. That starting material can be either cannabis or hemp. The result which is derived is more of a sappy and translucent material, which is also at times regarded as a shatter-like product. Rosin is best used against solvent-based extraction products due to the potency and flavour it displays. 

Here are its biggest benefits listed below.

Rosin has zero residual solvents

Rosin looks a lot similar to cannabis concentrations like BHO but there is one major difference. Rosin does not contain any traces of solvent in it. It also does not require a solvent as the BHO does. Hence, there is no risk of attaining any residuals in the end products. The product achieved is pure as well as organic. Rosin is a clean and potent product when the extraction happens perfectly.

Rosin is safer to produce

When butane extractions are produced, one needs to be extremely careful. Butane is highly flammable and is susceptible to explosions. It is extremely volatile. There have already been multiple accidents due to the volatility of the product. However, there are no such risks associated with rosin.

Rosin is simpler to make

Rosin presses are extremely easy to operate and they will always produce rosin which is clean, highly potent and flavourful in just minutes. The mechanics involved in the production are very simple. These presses apply both heat and pressure. The plant’s essential oils are liquefied which turns into sticky wax. This making process is extremely efficient. A significant quantity of the concentrate can be made in a single day.

Rosin offers higher potency

Rosin is a highly concentrated material. It has around 50-70% THC content as per certain reports. The flowers, on the other hand, only have a concentration of just 25-30%. Hence, the effects which rosin displays are much stronger. Rosin has become more popular because of the rich content of terpene and cannabinoids in it. To get the same effects, one needs a lower quantity of the product. The pure and potent form of rosin is economical as well as practical.

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