What You Should Know Before Installing a Kitchen Backsplash Yourself 

With so any inexpensive tiles on the market and so many DIY kitchen backsplash videos on YouTube, you’d think it would be simple to install a kitchen backsplash. But remember, just because something appears simple does not rule out the possibility that you would perform it improperly. You should always remember things, such as going to a trusted seller for the best kitchen remodeling products, such as silestone calacatta gold

Here are some mistakes you should avoid. 

Inaccurate measuring

A backsplash may appear straightforward, but examine the window ledge, the outlets, or the water tap above the stove, and you may discover that it is not as simple as you initially imagined. Each of these items must be accurately measured and accounted for.

Ensure you measure the necessary height and thickness for the backsplash. For example, if you pick a marble slab for your backsplash, the thickness may need to be lowered not to interfere with the counter depth or appliances. Always take two measurements and cut once.

Choosing the wrong tile and grout color

Because a backsplash is virtually at eye level and situated on a vertical wall, it is one of the first things someone observes when entering the kitchen. So, pick your colors carefully. Patterns capture the attention; you may build designs with tile and reverse trends with grout. Remember that your backsplash should compliment, not compete with, your countertop.

You should also take samples home before purchasing a tile. Allow your backsplash samples to sit on the counter for a few days to examine how the light affects the color and if it draws attention or detracts from the kitchen. Make patterns using tile and grout to add interest.

Ignoring details 

Attention to detail is always required when installing a DIY kitchen backsplash. You must appropriately install the backsplash so that water does not seep between the seams. The lines must be parallel, and the edges must precisely touch the countertops and cabinets. Remember that the caulk lines and grout should be applied steadily, and any excess should be removed.

A word of caution: installing a backsplash badly might draw unwanted attention. Pay great attention to details to ensure that everybody who enters your kitchen notices all the nice ones. If you’re not into details, you should probably stop now and hire a kitchen renovation professional. Detail-oriented thinking is required.

Plan your budget ahead of time to save money and receive the greatest materials for your investment. 

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