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The Champions League Twenty20, popularly known as the CLT20, was a yearly Twenty20 Cricket international companionship between qualifying local teams from various significant cricketing nations. The contest was introduced in 2008, and the inaugural edition took place in October 2009. N. Srinivasan, who also served as the chairman of the ICC, served as its chairman. It was jointly owned by the Control Board for Cricket in India, Cricket South Africa, and Cricket Australia. Champions league trophy is regularly followed all around the world. The Chennai Super Kings won their second championship in 2014 and were the most recent winners.

The competition took place during September and October for 2 to 3 weeks in either South Africa or India. The victorious team received $2.5 million, which was the biggest prize money ever awarded in a club cricket event, out of a total prize fund of US$6 million. The qualification system included teams from the top Twenty20 leagues of the 8 Test-playing countries, favouring the South African, Australian, and Indian sides.

The three founding cricket boards stated in July 2015 that the event will be scrapped due to low viewership, a lack of enthusiasm from the fans, and shaky funding, making the 2014 Champions League T-20 the final iteration of the competition.

What distinguishes them from one another?

The Twenty20 format is the only thing they have in common outside that. The ICL is a one-nation competition missing the status, international reach, players, and infrastructure that the Twenty20 Champions League will automatically have; it is not recognized by any of the national boards or the ICC. Contrary to those who have joined the ICL, these players won’t be prevented from representing their countries. The idea of regional representation will be abandoned. In the Twenty20 Champions League final, for instance, Glenn McGrath could theoretically play for Mumbai Maulers versus New South Wales.

What is the Champions League?


The top teams from domestic T20 competitions throughout the world compete in the T20 Champions League, an international competition. It will take place in October 2008.

History and Background

The England and Wales Cricket Board introduced T20 cricket in 2003 with the T20 Cup. It came after a protracted decrease in the appeal of limited-overs cricket and the county tournament. An early effort at an international T20 club competition was the International 20:20 Club Championship. The Twenty20 International format, in which national cricket teams compete, was introduced in February 2005.


On September 13, 2007, initial details of the Champions League T20 project were released. The BCCI, Cricket South Africa, and  Cricket Australia launched the CLT20 with one English side and $6 million in winning prizes. When the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to ban players from the Indian Cricket League, the event ran into issues.

Influence and reception

For ten years, ESPN Star Sports will have the exclusive rights to broadcast every game worldwide for $900 million. The targeted Indian audience did not respond favorably to the first 2009 event, which was hosted in India. After two years, Bharti Airtel’s five-year sponsorship agreement was terminated due to low viewership. Nokia agreed to a four-year sponsorship agreement but also left after the first year. Oppo secured the title sponsorship rights starting in 2014.


The 2010 South African edition’s ratings increased to 1.45. The final received a 3.30 rating throughout all of India, while Mumbai Indians games received an overall average of 2.11. The competition was successful in giving underdog teams a worldwide stage and substantial financial backing despite the low viewership. Players have also taken advantage of the chance to advance their careers through T-20 cricket.


Each team was given participation charges of $500,000 (including those that took part in the qualification stage). In 2011, a qualification round was added, limiting direct entries to only teams from Australia, South Africa, and India. Each team may feature a maximum of four foreign players, mirroring the IPL regulation. The majority of the other competitions have a lower cap on the number of contracted foreign athletes as well as how many may participate in their games.


A player who participates in several qualifying teams may still play for his “home” team, which is the team from the nation he is entitled to serve in international cricket, without facing any repercussions. The opposite side must pay the host team a compensation charge ($150,000 as of 2011) if the player plays for another team. The majority of these players have chosen to play for Indian Premier League clubs. England has participated in three editions, but after 2012, they declined to continue. Due to the tension between India and Pakistan, Pakistan was not invited to the event until 2012.


The West Indies established the Caribbean T-20 after its representative placed second in the 2009 competition. Later, it was enlarged, and in 2013 it became the Caribbean Premier League.


It was initially planned for India, South Africa, and Australia to alternate as the 3 shareholders’ nations that hosted the event. Following the broadcasting contract, at least 5 of the initial 10 editions must take place in India.   Australia, however, has not yet been taken into consideration because of its bad September weather as well as because of its unfavourable time zone for the broadcaster. The first hosting was by South Africa in 2010, but since then, India has been the top choice. Only in 2012 was South Africa selected to host when circumstances rendered India’s hosting impossible.

Figures and records

  • As of the 2012 season, 103 games have been played between 30 clubs
  • A single player has participated in up to four seasons and 20 games.
  • Four athletes have recorded centuries. 3 cricketers have taken 5 wickets in an innings, while Sixteen players have taken four.  One player has got a hat trick.


The only two teams to triumph in the championship were Chennai Super Kings of the (IPL) Indian Premier League. It was a terrific venue for players from around the world to display their skills and the participating teams truly enjoyed the experience over the previous six seasons.


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