7 facts that will dispel long-held misconceptions about strippers

You may be surprised by how many people think being a stripper is a good job. Granted, no one grows up thinking they are going to have a successful career as a stripper but despite the unfortunate stereotypical depiction of strippers, a lot of women are gravitating towards stripping. There are a lot of pers. Two of the most important ones include the fact that strippers are their own bosses. They can make more money taking their clothes off instead of flipping burgers, being cashiers or teachers, and even nurses. Some women take to stripping as a way of supplementing their incomes as inflation soars. Looking beyond the negative stereotypes about strippers, here are some facts you need to know about stripping in Melbourne.

#1. Strippers are not prostitutes

Melbourne Strippers aren’t sex workers or low-level porn stars who are down on their luck, addicted to drugs, in bad relationships, on the brink of homelessness, and so forth. There are a lot of educated strippers out there who actually choose to do the job they do because they want to. For them, the money is good and the fact that they dictate how they want to use their bodies is empowering. There are some stereotypes that are deeply ingrained in society that makes it hard for young girls to come out in support of erotic dancing as a good profession. It is a profession and a business. Strippers have to pay the clubs they perform in and they can only do that if they get enough tips to pay the club fee, tip the DJ, and other supporting personnel.

#2. Most do what they do because they want to – ther is no coerccion

Contrary to popular belief, strippers are actually feminists. They are extremely aware of their bodies and their femininity. Instead of hiding, they choose to flaunt it regardless of the flaws it may have. Strippers are in charge of their own money. They also tend to have a sisterhood where they look out for each other. They do not shy away from celebrating the power they have over the men that come in night after night to watch them.

#3.Strippers sell fantasy

Melbourne strippers sell fantasies, they aren’t trying to sell their bodies for sex. By being in a strip club, exotic dancers can work in a secure space. They set boundaries so that patrons know the point at which the line between fantasy and reality. Sometimes it isn’t even about stripping and nudity but some patrons just want to be seen and heard. You would be surprised by what strippers hear. Some people would rather speak to a random stranger than a professional psychologist. It probably costs less to see a shrink than to see a stripper, it could be the congeniality that strippers portray that makes talking to them easier. Besides, your shrink will not sit and listen to you wearing nothing Strippers are often mistaken for therapists, with the exception that they wear less clothing.

#4. Strippers aren’t waiting to be rescued

Again, a lot of Melbourne strippers choose to do what they do for different reasons. Just because a girl looks young and beguiling doesn’t mean they need a hero to swoop in and save them from the life of a stripper. Most strippers are in serious fulfilling relationships, they aren’t trying to hook up with anyone.

#5. Strip clubs are opulent chains

Strip clubs are usually thought of as seedy joints located in dark alleys. They are thought to be magnets for the dregs of society. Modern strip clubs are operated more like casinos or major businesses. They have opulent décor and offer gourmet dining experiences.

#6. Stripping is in vogue these days

The world of strippers and celebrities collide more often these days. Strippers will incorporate a pop star’s look in their routine and pop stars can appropriate stripper chic in their music videos. They are businesses that offer pole dancing to married women and regular housewives to help them gain confidence in the bedroom. Pole dancing has become mainstream, transcending from the strip club stage to bedrooms and fitness studios across Melbourne.

#7. Strippers know more than you think

Strippers know a whole lot more about what is happening in the world than most people. This is because a lot of powerful men find going to a strip club to be a good way to unwind. In the process of letting off, steam they may discuss politics, economics, and a slew of other topics that shouldn’t be taken out of a boardroom. They are free about what they talk about because they think strippers do nothing but dance, they forget one thing strippers are incredibly good listeners.

The bottom line: The is more to being a Melbourne stripper than just taking your clothes off and gyrating on someone’s lap. Strippers with a sound plan and clarity of what it is they want to achieve can do more with their lives and gain more than anyone stuck in a “nine-to-five” respectable job. The good thing is that more and more people are catching on to the perks of working in a Melbourn strip club.

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