Do You Know About Your Air Conditioner System?

Maintenance of AC can prove to be very costly if its regular maintenance is not scheduled properly. It is very important to know about the common problems occurring in Air Conditioners to avoid the huge repairs further. 

Following are the ten such common problems with their solutions:

  1. Air Conditioner Not Turning on:

     If AC is not turning on, check the batteries of the thermostat. If the batteries are dead, replace them. Check the setting of the thermostat to ensure whether the cooling mode at your desired temperature is on or not. If thermostat batteries and temperature settings are perfect, check for the circuit breaker. Contact the repair services to predict the exact issue in the air Conditioner System. 

  1. Cold Air Not Blowing:

     If the airflow of AC is blocked by the dirty air filter, cold air will not blow. Changing the air filter every month can solve this problem.

  1. Freezing of AC Outside Unit:

    AC can freeze up due to:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Low Coolant level
  • Stuck contractor
  • Low outside temperature
  • Blower motor problem
  1. AC Refrigerant Leak:

     Refrigerant leaks due to:

  • Uneven cooling
  • Coil freezing 
  • Low efficiency
  • Damaged compressor
  • High power consumption

    Inspection of AC should be done regularly

  1. Noise From Air Conditioner:

     Depending on the type of problem, the air conditioner can make noise. Following are the reasons causing noise:

  • Leak in refrigerant produces a hissing sound
  • Clicking sound can occur while on and off of AC due to relay problem
  • Screeching noise can occur due to default in fan motor or compressor
  • Buzzing sound can occur by the faulty electrical component
  1. Evaporator Frozen Coil:

     The evaporator coil can freeze due to insufficient air required for operation. Blockage of vent and ducts, faulty fans, and dirty coils can cause insufficient flow of air. The use of clean air filters can resolve this issue.

  1. Failure in Electric Control:

     Frequent turning on and off-air conditioner resulting in wear out of compressor and fan controls. To determine the exact issue, check the electrical connection. 

     If the issues are not resolved very soon, the whole air conditioner system can get fail and you may need to install your new system.





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