Reasons to visit a dental practice in Southfield today!

You probably know that regular checkups and cleanings at your dentist’s office can help prevent concerns like tooth decay and gum disease. It also takes oral hygiene habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, despite adhering to the basic things, you may need to see a dentist at unusual times. Here are the top reasons why you may have to book an appointment at your dental practice in Southfield today.

You are experiencing tooth pain

A toothache can become an absolute nightmare in no time, with the pain expanding to your jaw and head. Toothaches are usually a sign of an underlying cause, such as deep decay, gum disease, infection, or an injury. Call your dentist to know if you can take a pain reliever and meet them soon enough for a diagnosis.

You have noticed gum bleeding

Bleeding from your gums is not natural, even when you are brushing and flossing. You need to see a dentist to know whether you have early gum disease and the treatment options you can consider. Bleeding could be related to an infected tooth, too.

You have suffered a blow to the mouth

Any impact on the jawbone, teeth, and gums can have severe consequences. If you suffered an injury and aren’t sure of the extent of the damage to your teeth, check with your dentist right away. They can do a detailed exam and will address concerns that need attention.

Your dental crown has come off

Crowns and bridges are fixed appliances that are cemented accurately. However, with years of use and normal wear, these restorative appliances can come off. Do not assume that you don’t need the crown anymore. Instead, check with your dentist to see if they can cement it or if a new one needs to be ordered.

You have inflamed gums

Abscess in the gums or inflammation could be a symptom of something serious, such as an infection in a tooth. Ask your dentist about the possible causes. If you have early gum disease, there are treatments available, such as root planing and scaling.

In summary

There are many dental practices in Southfield that offer a mix of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments for patients. When you have symptoms or signs that are anything but typical, you should be proactive about seeking treatment. Choose a clinic that can offer services for the entire family and is not far from your home.

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