The Best Way To Cook Potatoes

Potatoes are well known worldwide for their easy availability and cheap price. It is one food that also contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the growth and well-being of others. That is why it is no surprise that many households has incorporated potato into their daily and weekly meal. Some persons are faced with the dilemma of cooking their potatoes. Eating it at a friend’s place or at a restaurant makes them want to try it but the major problem they have is how to cook potatoes that taste nice like the one they had at their friend’s place. 

Cooking potatoes is not a difficult thing to do. What makes it look difficult is the best way to achieve that. I will be telling you the best tested and trusted method and you can try it out today. This is how to cook potatoes. First, you place your potatoes inside a bowl with clean water, then you wash the back of your potatoes before peeling. Make use of a knife or a peeler to peel off. Remove spots from the potato and place them in another clean bowl with water. Wash the potatoes to prevent excess starch. Cut your potatoes into two or three depending on the size of each one and the size you would prefer. Although cutting them into smaller sizes, makes it cook faster. 

Then place your potatoes into a pot of water. Ensure that your potatoes are fully covered with water with no part of it above water so that they will not turn brown in color. Light your gas or stove, leave it on low heat or medium and place your pot of potatoes on it. Add salt to taste and cover with the lid while leaving it to boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure to check the potatoes from time to time so that, they will not be overcooked. You can put off the light once you have confirmed that it is soft enough and well cooked. You can confirm this by making use of a fork to pierce holes into it. 

Drain out the water from the potatoes with a sieve or drainer to remove the excess water or you could remove the potatoes from the water and put it in a warmer or cooler. Your potatoes are ready to be served. Now that you have learned how to cook potatoes, what are waiting for? 

You can serve your potatoes with eggs or broth depending on how you prefer. You can serve while hot. It is best enjoyed this way. 

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