The Very Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka

A really special hiking destination is Sri Lanka. For every type of expertise, you will find trails, from simple walks to more serious treks. Furthermore, you will find over 400 waterfalls in Sri Lanka, a holiday in that’s incorporated in lots of hikes. The most effective hiking and trekking trails in Sri Lanka would be the following.

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Ella rock

Ella Rock could be a day hike within the highlands, about 1000 meters above ocean level, from Ella city. To prevent the traffic along with the rain that normally falls within the afternoons, you should leave your hotel or guesthouse early every day. You might have a street dog to the top level chasing you!

Knuckles range

Within the Central Highlands, relating to the Kandy and Matale areas, the Knuckles Range can be found. Because of their look from some vantage points, the hillsides are called ‘knuckles’. For types of hikers, the Knuckles Range is loaded with many different choices. One option is to visit among the least costly peaks at that time hike, have lunch at the pinnacle and return another route.

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This method to fly to Meemure round the three-day, two-night expedition. There are numerous other trails, apart from individuals classic routes, which can be explored with Rapid Adventures. Probably most likely probably the most interesting features regarding the Knuckles Range is the fact all sorts of habitats, including abrupt variations in weather and temperature, may be gone through by hikers.


Probably most likely probably the most remote village in Sri Lanka is Meemure. A trip to Meemure is unquestionably an unforgettable journey during family tours in Sri Lanka. For seasoned climbers Article Search, hikes more than a few days are simpler. Visit the Knuckles Range to gain access to Meemure this will let you trail next. The important thing factor draw may be the pointy peak towering inside the village round the one-day walk or three-day expedition.

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