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This volcano verdampfer is indeed a modern-day classic with its high-quality components and meticulous construction. The greatest stationary vaporizer is currently available on the market. Storz Bickel, a German company, is known for its high-quality accessories. Pure convection heating offers an unrivaled flavor and pure vapor production. Comfortable for a quiet evening at home, either alone or with a group, the temperature can be set up first.

The rotary knob across the front of the device can be used to set this up. Wait a short time for the device to warm up. As soon as the herb chamber is filled, you may place it on the vaporizer and puff away. All that’s left is to attach the balloon valve to the exhaust air opening, push the green button to begin the steaming experience, and then wait for the balloon to fill with dense, wonderful herbal steam. Take out the balloon and enjoy a rich, satisfying inhalation of liquefied herbal extracts from Volcano Classic.

There Are Two Powerful And Versatile Valves On It.

Stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic are used in the construction of the Solid Valve Set of Volcano Classic. Balloons of various diameters are available for this valve, saving your money but necessitating more cleaning work. The Solid Valve’s chamber and mouthpiece are made of the finest materials available. It costs about $ 5-$ 10 each year to replace the balloons in this setup designed by Storz Bickel.

With the Easy Valve System, there is no need for cleaning or maintenance at all. Even though this valve only comes in one size, you’ll still have to pay between 30 and 50 euros every year on hybrid balloons.

As with any two-way valve, there are benefits and drawbacks to each design of Volcano classic. In our opinion, the Solid Valve is the best option for balloon size versatility and cheaper annual maintenance expenses. A few people don’t agree with us, but there is no truth or untrue because it all comes down to personal preference given by Storz Bickel. If you don’t have time to clean, a hybrid valve is the best option. You’ll get additional customization options at a reduced ongoing cost with the Solid Valve. Digit and Classic versions of the Volcano classic both employ a compressor to pump the balloons.

How To Wash It?

Cleansing this Volcano classic is a breeze. This will depend on how frequently you use the sieves. With regular usage of sieves, deposits are formed, which alter the flavor of your e-liquid and make it less enjoyable. As a result, cleaning the sieves or replacing accessories is highly recommended. It can also be used to clean the chamber of Volcano Classic. On the device’s underside, an air filter should be checked and cleaned every month. Thus you can clean up the water filter.

There Are Numerous Advantages To Be Gained Through The Use Of Digital Technology!

Let’s start with a glance at the Volcano Classic “digital” representation. To control the temperature, you can use the huge buttons on the front of the Digital Volcano or the enormous digital display on the front. The automated shutdown system is one of the outstanding characteristics of this model. If the water filter is left on for more than thirty min without use, it automatically shuts itself off to conserve energy and ensure the heating element’s long life.

Although many users use the Easy Valve balloons on their Classic devices, this is not suggested because it allegedly affects the device’s lifespan significantly. Customers have been using this water filter for years, and it still works properly, proving its quality and long-term viability. The price disparity between the digital and Classic versions by Storz Bickel is a drawback of the former.

Only the absence of a temperature sensor display distinguishes the Volcano Classic from the Digital Volcano. You’ll save money by purchasing this model. As an alternative to using the temperature monitor and buttons, you can turn the rotary control up or down to any number between one and nine of the vaporizer.


We recommend checking out hybrid volcano goods if you can’t afford the Volcano Verdampfer because it’s too pricey. However, if you’re looking for an “all-in-one” vape device, this is it. Aside from the weaker vapor quality and certain design flaws, these accessories are far less expensive than the Volcano but still produce inferior vapor quality, as instructed by Storz Bickel.

However, if you’re interested in a portable vape, check out some reviews on the Mighty vaporizer. For its continuously excellent performance, this vaporizer is known as the portable Volcano by Storz Bickel, a company known for its high-quality hand-held devices.

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