Family Law In Houston: Protection Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence still exists today, which is very heartbreaking to know. Not all married couples are living married lives happily. As they say, nothing is like a fairytale: the phrase “live happily ever after” is still a dream. Although some families live happily, they face problems that may affect everyone’s relationships. Houston family law firm continually defends every family against:

  • Domestic violence
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Juvenile Matters and more

These are under the family law in Houston protected by the government.

How is domestic violence in Houston addressed by the lawyers?

The TPC (Texas Penal Code) 22.01 charges a person committing an offense if it is done intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly that causes bodily injury, particularly to the spouse. Also, if it is done intentionally and knowingly threatens each other with imminent bodily injury. Any of the situations will be under domestic violence in family law.

Violence that happens within the family is covered by family law. It will be addressed in the Texas court proceedings with the representation of the Houston family law firm lawyer.

What happens if arrested for domestic violence?

After getting arrested for domestic violence, you will undergo the usual arrest procedures. The procedures may include:

  • taking your photo
  • taking your fingerprint
  • performing a background check
  • getting placed in jail

Police started to investigate the incident and prepare a police report. In the next step, the family lawyer examines the police report and determines whether to press criminal charges against the assault. The assault will appear before a judge for the arraignment if you are charged with a crime. It is the time you plead guilty or not guilty, or no contest at the arraignment.

The judge will determine the following:

  • Bail amount
  • Conditions of release
  • New court dates at the arraignment

For the pretrial on the date set, you will appear in court. The case proceeds to trial if you plead not guilty.

Fight for justice – not guilty!

If you are not guilty of the domestic violence charge against you, you have the right to get a family lawyer who would stand you along the way. Domestic violence is a serious issue, which affects millions of people and it is essential to have the right to defend yourself and get legal support and guidance from a family lawyer.

Fight for justice, raise your voice and prove not guilty in the case filed against you.

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